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Om Ganeshaya namaha, Sri Seetha Rama, Hara namah Parvathi Pathaye Hara Hara Mahadeva, Shambo Shankara, Panchamukha Hanuman,

Namaste, Characterized Sisters and Brothers of All People on Our Mother Planet Earth,

This Our Website is (designed, developed and maintained by myself) belongs to "Dharma Samsthapana" on our Mother Earth, for Earth, above the honorable All Constitutions, "Balance Work" of honorable United Nations Organization, Research & Designs & Developments (End Stage of All Subjects) and End Stage of All Constitutions’.

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All Projects Total under Control of Myself & my Wife only, No One, No Religion influence upon us. My Family Members (Pets also) needs - Pilot Licenses & Astronaut Licenses & Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space Travel Licenses & Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space Living Licenses & My Family members need Diplomatic Passports & We need Weapons usage Licenses.

I am going to Do Clean Sweep Total Earth in All Aspects, Can you Stand with me.

Every Honorable Country People read this Website, kindly send this website to Your Country honorable All People & in our Website "Scientific Research Designs Development (Death, Destroy, End)", All honorable Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Supreme Court Chief Justices, Governors, Royal Family Members & honorable Others All People on Our Earth.

Download All Evidence PDF attachments in "Services" page, All Projects in “Portfolio” page, read along with all pages [(mout icon page = Default page), Home, Portfolio, Services, About Us, Contact Us, Gallery, Faq], download mp3 files, do favor, support me, Please contact me in WhatsApp & Google Duo & BOTIM +91 8919862342 Video Calls. Thanks.

Honorable UNO not behaving as Parents with All Countries, Our MOUT does.

All 205 Countries honorable Governments, & those Depending Colonies (Seeking Independence) & 5 Disputed Territories (Not belongs to Anyone, Any Country) & honorable UNO not saying “All Truths” to “All Countries, & those Depending Colonies (Seeking Independence) & 5 Disputed Territories (Not belongs to Anyone, Any Country) People” with Honesty & Responsibilities. “All Countries Not make United Family”. India needs “Change Constitution or Clear Loopholes” with support of All Indians “Pen Down, Work Down” reason “Not Doing” clear loopholes with “Relevant Authorities” for those “Gaining Properties”.

“One Universal Constitution” is enough to All Countries. Not Necessarily different Constitutions on Earth. Those Conveniences they make and following today.

Constitution is our Parents, to teach build our Character & how to Live with others on Earth.

Constitution & Human should learn how to Love?

A Country Ruling Power is not a Right, it’s a Fully Transparent Good Soul Responsibility with Honest, Accountability, standing on own words, for Doing Good. Who has power to do “Management of Constitution” in every Country, why they are not Doing? If today we excuse, ignores culprits, for ourselves & our families, children & our next generation survive, what is our (People) next step to do, do what u think to Do now immediately, Teach them a Lesson, Human Sacrifice as Devotion for Service to Nation as well as Our Earth.

“One Universal Currency” is enough for All Countries, with same value in All Countries. Present differences are Betrayal to People.

"Death Fear" of Corona Covid 19 kept us "All People United" around the world in Lock down safe side; No Constitutions, No Religions, No Positions, done upon us as "United People" hitherto, hence All Countries should compulsory maintain and do amendment in those honorable Constitutions as "All People Work in Every Month for 2 days Outing for Earth Climate Service, for 2 days Lockdown".

"God, Dharma, Principles, Discipline, Individual, Honest, Responsibility, Loyalty, Hard work, Love and Affection, without these none of any type of Relationship Never Lives; In - Humans, Animals, Trees and Aliens".

Dharma, and Constitution, both are not same. Constitution follow Dharma, So Dharma is Ultimate. 

Vedas & Vaggeyakarulu like Vemana, Tyagaraja, & so on Others, told all everything. 

Money Earning Sources Fields around the world are Begging, Agriculture, Former, Job, Business, Scientists (every people should choose to follow this). 

Honorable -- All Countries Governments, All Countries Constitutions, UNO, All Countries People together, does these works just like Brothers and Sisters with Honesty and Responsibilities. Are you all had these qualities? What about you? Let us Unites?

Every country thinks we have safe Constitution, we are all countries people including President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court Chief Justice, King, Queen, Emperor, Royal Families are happy, secure, safe, have no problems? Constitution to Constitution Co-operation happened? If happened Is this real? We are all living for Money. Shall we change it? Shall we live for ourselves, for our families? Every religion respect other religion. Every country respect other Countries. Question yourself with honesty.

My Maternal Grand Father named as Honorable Paladi Narayana garu said with me “If any Celestial Meteor destroyed our mother earth, if you only single person appear on earth, all other are demolished, in this situation also you must live with doing for your survival “grains, crops, fruits, growing, making shelter home, making sufficient water supply, your sweet home clean, apparels making, stitching, daily cleaning, making shoes, sleeping arrangements, trying to search & communicate others & animals & trees, if they live, if they appear, make them happy like you, this is perfect signature of life”.

I vision God with my Soul Travel, I follow God's Order (go back, do good works), I want to implement “Dharma” (what said Bhagavan Lord Krushna in Bhagavadgeeta) on our Earth. I need characterised Bhagavad Gita described Sajjana Purusha character, Telugu Poems (Vemana, Sumathi, Dasaradhi, Bhaskara, Kumara, extra), believe in God, Dharma, Nyaya, Honesty, Responsible, Loyalty, Accountability, Standing on own words, Love, Affection, Ethics, Morals, no harm, extra good qualities should have in human,  Military Principles & Discipline and my Maternal Grand Father late Paladi Narayana garu (Retired Teacher, Telugu Poet) words [(Dil saaf, Kapde saaf, Sub kuch saaf), (Kal ka kaam aaj karo, Aaj ka kaam ab karo), (follow Honesty and Responsibility)]. Honesty and Responsibility must have in every human and in Constitutions. There is No Perfect Constitution on Earth.

Countries Rulers as Presidents, Prime Ministers, Supreme Court Chief Justices, Kings, Queens, Royal Families, extra people for our Earth. Is there any one characterised ruler for our website A proverb says "Yadha Raja thadha Praja (what King does people also follows the same)" like A Lotus flower always uses to offer to God only. I don't like culprits. A characterless human may not love family.

If you laugh at other people's conditions, you will be like them in future.

Never play games with lives, never hurt anyone, any specie with enjoyment.

Our Life teaches us lot of Lessons.

We often don’t realize the value of some things in life, until we lose them, or till we realize that we would never get them back.

War is 2 types, one is for Conquer, another is for Liberty, I am at side of Liberty, but History starts with War.

I need a Position in our India to do Amendments of Honorable Indian Constitution without loopholes, Our Honorable Constitution should have Honesty and Responsibilities, to make people live with dharma, sathya, nyaya, truths, loyalty, obedience, kindness, humanity, standing on own words, doing self-works, happily, healthy, wealthy, human values, species values, family values, relationship values, pet values, nature values, society values, earth values, morals, ethics, love, affection, sraddha (interest), saburi (patience), honesty & responsibility with families and pets.

Every honorable Constitution described human what to do and what not to do, if done what not to do, take punishment, Our Constitutions do not make by God, every constitution copied by another constitution and amendment for their convenient (not for earth) by those methodologies' privileges, but in my view, constitutions make for Nature and Earth Climate Protection.

All professions are equal [Constitutions said that - money based professions, this profession is good, in this profession people get huge money, if your huge money and property you can live along with your family with luxury and happy, (not necessity to do hard work to your family members) and after your death it goes to your family members, (what necessity to choose like clean and green, farmers extra professions and to do hard works), (everyone choosing software, reason people getting huge money)], Constitutions making human as Slaves living for Money, Food, Property, Health, and Wealth. Constitutions never said live with ethics, honesty, responsibility and Live with family members. No conspiracy in Constitutions, Supreme Court is Father and Mother to Country, Constitutions give Equal value to Cities, Villages, Tribal, Hill Stations, Seashores and Deserts. Country to Country problems both side Royal Families, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Supreme Court Chief Justices are sitting front of Media Live TV Channels (to know all countries people what is going on and what happened and what to do) and talk for Final Conclusion. Revolution comes to make Resolutions from utter standards.

Anybody mischief Own or in a Country, purchase properties or establish business, factories in another country without permission from that due country, this type of mischief character gives is there any guarantee, to not mischief Other Countries? Why entertaining other countries this Persons? Entertaining Country Constitutions are not having Character. On the other hand, doing for Other Countries Properties Capturing?

No paper currency, only digital currency used in All Countries, All Currencies are Equal Value, don’t depend currency value on rates. Never calculate GDP. It is changing economically poor and not good have facilities Undeveloped Countries to as Slave Countries including those People. No long-standing contacts with Country to Country, if already running are Contacts Closed. All Countries follow only Left-Hand Drive or Right-Hand Drive. In Measurements No American Standards maintain or No British Standards maintain, All Countries follow Single Standards with United Measurements.

Demolition Bad Things (No Chance to give to do) these on Earth - Bad Habits, Lies, Mischief, Frauds, Cyber Frauds, Wastage, Misuse, Adulteration (Kalthi), Scams, Defaulters, Black (Un Used) Money Saving, Paper Currency, Crypto Currency Mafia, Corruption, Paisa Vasool, Benami  Properties & Transactions, Money Trap, Money Laundering, Illegal Occupation (Kabja), Lobbying (Pyravi), Dalari, Shares, Lottery, Gambling, Alcohol, Gutkha, Tobacco, Drugs, Gangsters, Mafia all types, Hawala, Terrorism, Porn Websites, Prostitution, Woman Trafficking, Honey Trap, Woman & Children Slaves, Woman & Children Harassment, Dowry, Insults Transgender/3rd Gender & Mentally Challenged (Autism & All Types) & Physically Challenged (Divyangulu & All Types), Begging, Suicide, Farmers Suicide, Fertilizer & Pesticides (Do Organic Food Farming), Bore well Deaths, Starvation (Hungry) Deaths, Animals & Trees & Plants harassment and killing for enjoyment, Poultry Production process Handicapped Chicks Killing & like other issues, Circus, Caste, Reservations, Real Estates Business, Insurance (All Types), Doing Illegal Activities with harmful to other countries people – those supporting countries Governments, Politics, Political Parties and Parallel Constitutions (Governments).

I follow Military Principles, Operations and Actions, not in words.

I need (Cloud) Funds & Donations to do practically below my projects and my letters contents, I am giving my Bank Account, I am implementing Characterized, Accountability, Loyalty, Honesty & Responsibility. I applied to honorable Indian Government with emails, letters (asked with phone calls also) & other honorable people, but no use, no response. 

I collected 205 Countries Honorable – Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Supreme Court / High Court Chief Justices / Presidents, Royal Family Members & Other Places People & All People, ALL WEBSITES for implement our Projects, 



Nearly 1 Crore Suns [Some Suns may not have Earths, some may not have Moons, some may not have Solar Systems, some Alone] with 1 Crore Earths {With or Without Species Clans} with 1 Crore Moons in 1 Crore Solar Systems, & 3 Crore 50 Lakhs Rivers (on Earths, on Moons, on Planets, on Asteroids & in Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space), in Our “Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space” had.

Big Bang happened in some parameters, before Big Bang, after Big Bang; End stage of Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space, End Limits of Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space, both are not the same.

I request to All Countries Governments / Rulers to Store All Countries Nuclear Weapons, Biological Weapons in 2 Separate Containers in Interstellar Multi Universe Space after Space Station.

Not only Our Mother Planet Earth, Our Sun, Our Moon, Our Planets in Our Solar system, Total Our Solar system needs “Protection” from Space All Particles, when you think to Create these & this, you realize this Question arises in front of you. America’s “Star Wars” & "Armageddon" is not Perfect, Other Methods is Waiting. 

Our Solar system designed by Aliens, we are All Earth Species just like Seeds of those, that’s reason Aliens visiting Our Earth. “Our Earth & Earth Humans are under Observation by Aliens", Aliens are theft 4 things what they require, how much they require, from our Earth. Aliens' life of works is Creating “Sun, Moon, Earth with Species” and kept these in to “Designed Solar system” & Find and Communicate Other Aliens & Fighting for Survive or Conquer with Other Aliens & Travel in Splash Interstellar Multi Universe. 

All Species doing on our Earth & in Universe Space Earths’

“Brathuku theruvukai pooratam [Fighting for Food]

Brathikenduku aaratam [Anguish for Living]”

“All Species in Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space have same Feelings, same Families, same relationship values & those different Languages (feelings, meanings same), those different living Places and lives all together with Individual Names like Us.”

In 2001 year I found, it’s recently proved, “Every Species vision at those Moribund (Death) Time in behind of those closed eyes those Total Life Appears Recalls in 6 Seconds”.

Death entering time, we get some Signals; we can Control this like Heart Attack. 

Death is A Sequence; All Specie has power to STOP this, in one method or maybe in few methods. 

Every – Aliens, Human, Animals, Trees are Scientists. 

There is No Present Time scientifically, only have Past Time, Future Time. 

In Mathematics 2 + 2 = 4, but in fact 2+2=#4 (Scientifically there is No as it is, same to same, Equal Object with Another in Universe Interstellar Space). 

In Mathematics every problem solves by different method, every answer is correct. 

Trigonometry, Algebra, Vector Algebra, Metallurgy, are Subjects created by great enthusiasm. 

My scientific research approach started with observation of 2 UFO's, thanks to them. 

My scientific approach recognized my SAP (HR) friend’s Dr. Mother. 

Overweight of Earth with Population using more consumption of earth elements, No Savings for next Generations, People doing human productivity for Religion (members) Development, indulging those liberties, forgot we are living in Planet Earth. Unnecessarily killing Animals, cutting Trees, use for our food only, one Religion do insult to other religion.

“Water Resources drying on Earth”,

All Earth Human under Surveillance by Aliens, I told this in 2001 year, it’s recently proved.

I vision, observed in 1987 November 12th night 9:35 pm to next morning November 13th 6:30 am, 2 UFOs on Air on the Khammam Forte with my Eye Distance -----, height of forte surface to UFO's distance 100 yards to 200 yards.

Generally, UFO MOTHERSHIPs are not entering on any Planets except those some parameters, those sub particles of UFOs enter on Planets, if MOTHERSHIPs Enters with Strong Reason Only, for Not Enters with 2 Reasons. 

When I applied The Norwegian Nobel Committee about “End Stage of Splash Interstellar Multi Universe” and Other, then realised stupid politics still living.

Honorable Mother Queen Elizabeth II Madam & King Charles III Sir & Royal Family Members & Royal Staff chose me as “Special Few Members Category”,

I touched Honorable – British, Brunei, Sweden, Jordan, Bhutan, Nepal, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Other Royal Family members.

Myself fighter in the past 35 years I wrote letters to honorable UNO General Secretaries for India Veto Right Power,

I reduced Funds flow to Honorable – China and Pakistan from Honorable UNO Shri Kofi Annan garu & Shri Ban ki Moon garu.

I requested Dharma, Nyaya, Truth Judgement to Shri My lord Chief Justice garu, Permanent Court of Arbitration, Hague, for supporting India.

"Making of Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space Map",

“Making of Operating System with Single Software for our mother Planet Earth & Outer Earth”,

I need Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space Travel Permission & my All Projects implement permissions. I am sending this website to every country people; please kindly send this website to every people. All Honorable - Presidents, Prime Ministers, Supreme Court Chief Justices, Kings, Queens, Royal Family members and UNO, shall we really united & do practically projects for our human clan and all species clans' survival on earth.

Our Mother Planet Earth needs Protection from Outer Space, from All Our Honorable Constitutions and from Us Humans. Our Constitutions should live for our Earth, not for our Humans selfish desires. Constitutions make for our Earth, not for Humans.

Our Mother Earth becomes like Planet Mars. So, anyone species may not survive. Total demolished. I don’t like this happens.

All earth humans must live for our mother planet earth, otherwise earth human clan along with other species clans demolished from our earth.

I promised my late father at his moribund (Death) time to implement my projects, for my livelihood I am ready to make these below along with you all, I need Tie up with Countries, kindly help me. Thanks.

**In Brackets I kept those Names,
**I want to print my pets' pics & other pics on my all inventions permanently, 


#Big Bang (),

#Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space Map (),

#Anti Matter (),

#Great Great Grand TNT (),

#Sun (Narayana Paladi),

#Moon (Manikyamma Paladi, Lalitha Devi Mekala),

#Earth (------ (My Wife Name) Mekala),

#Our Created Solar System (----- (My Wife Name) Mekala Earth Family),

#Black Holes - Origin, Create, Collide, Merge, Expansion, Reduce, Demolition (),

#Time Pause & Time Pause (), [2 times in different places, in different situations, in Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space, Time Pause happening],

#Re-Design India (),

#End Stage of Constitutions (Sri Seetha Rama Rajyam, Earth Constitution) (),

#End Stage of Commerce (),

#End Stage of Computer (),

#End Stage of Medicine, (Species, Human, Botany, Zoology) (),

#End Stage of Physics (),

#End Stage of Chemistry (),

#End Stage of Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space [Not possible to do practically with any Species on our Multi Universe living in any Planet like our Earth or Living in Space Vehicle, it’s all in God’s Hands] (),

#Aliens UFO MotherShip for Splash Interstellar Multi Universe Space Travel with all features [----NMLS (---- (My Wife Name), Narayana, Manikyamma, Lalitha Devi, Sisters, brothers)],

#Aliens UFO (------ (My Wife Name) Mekala),

#Aliens Pistol (Snoopy),

#Space Station (),

#Self-Protection Satellite (Snoopy, Agraj, Rocky, Lucky, Jimmy, Bittu),

#Reusable Hyper Sonic Rocket (),

#Hyper Sonic Missile (),

#End Stage of Vehicles (Flights) (without Wings, without Rudder, without Runway) not much dependable on [Ram Air Turbine (RAT) (Artillery Power Source) + Exhaust Reverse] & Modified Hybrid Cryogenic Engine for Multiple usage of Rockets + Flights (),

#Amphibious Hypersonic Self-Protection Flight, 6 Modes works (on Air, on Earth, on Snow, on Sand, on Water & in Water), No need Runway, reduce Sonic Boom, No Wings, No Rudder, Anti-Skid, Ice Breaks, Speed Brakes, Anti – (Ripples & All type Cyclones), Special – (Seats, Wheels, Engines, Doors, Periscope & Escape Chambers), Taxi – (on Roof, Middle, Bottom of Building, on Earth, on Trees, on Snow, on Sand, on Water & in Water), Stands on Air, Etc. Features, for – Passengers, Cargo & Fighter, [NML----S (Narayana, Manikyamma, Laithadevi, ----- (My Wife Name), Sisters)],

#Amphibious Solar Electric Self-Protection Flight, 6 Modes works (on Air, on Earth, on Snow, on Sand, on Water & in Water), No need Runway, reduce Sonic Boom, No Wings, No Rudder, Anti-Skid, Ice Breaks, Speed Brakes, Anti – (Ripples & All type Cyclones), Special – (Seats, Wheels, Engines, Doors, Periscope & Escape Chambers), Taxi – (on Roof, Middle, Bottom of Building, on Earth, on Trees, on Snow, on Sand, on Water & in Water), Stands on Air, Etc. Features, for – Passengers, Cargo & Fighter, [----- (My Wife Name) Mekala],

#All in One Power Projects (Ocean (in & out), Hydel, Rain, Wind, Solar, Special) (),

#Solar Electric Amphibious (on Road, on Water) Class A 4x4 x4 / 6x6 x4 Expedition RV, 360 degrees Turn and e-Corner (Crab Walking) System, Rolling Unit 3 in 1 Expandable, Roof Expandable, Balcony, Physically Challenged Entry, (easily Convert to: Right-hand Driving <=> Left-hand Driving) [----- (My Wife Name) Mekala],

#Multipurpose Tyre (),

#Solar Smart Foldable Airless Electric Scooter: carry in Car, Campervan, Flight (),

#Sudarshana Chakram Technology (Swathi, Swetha, Snoopy, Agraj),

#Amphibious Flying Soldier Robots (),

#Bullet (Snoopy, Agraj),

#Solar Smart Wrist Rectangular Double-Stack Pistol [9 mm + Gamo Red Fire .177 (4.5 mm) Pellet + Tranquilizer DARTS], GPS, Knife, Green Laser, Flashlight, (Suppressor, Thermal Fusion Night Vision, Telescopic) (Swathi, Swetha, Snoopy, Agraj),

#Solar Wrist Rectangular Micro Compact Double-Stack Telescopic 9 mm Pocket Pistol (Snoopy, Agraj),

#Solar Smart Slide & Biometric Trigger (),

#Solar Universal 3 Laser (Purple, Green, Blue) Flashlight Combo: Easy to Attach and Remove (),

#Thermal Fusion, Night Vision, Telescopic Adjust Kit (),

#Repeating Slingshot Pistol with Fishing Arrows, Balls, Reels, Thermal Fusion, Night Vision, Green Laser, Flashlight, Double Lock (),

#Retractable, Aluminum, Slingshot Rifle, Fishing All Size Dart + All Size Steel Ball [Fishing (Plastic/Steel) Mini/Medium Darts (Any Shape), 8-13MM Steel Balls, Fishing Reel, Safety Double Lock, Laser Aiming, Flashlight, Thermal Fusion, Night Vision, Adjustable 2 Stands, Spares Silicon Flat & Round Band Sets, Toolkit, Knife, Paper Knife] (),

#Crossbow with Short Arrow automatic loading, Triple Lock (Snoopy, Agraj),

#Smart Solar Electric Suitcase (),

#General & Satellite & Wrist Mobiles: Floating with Indicators, Ultra Wide Selfie, Drone Camera (Thermal Fusion, Night Vision, Ultra Wide, Super Periscopic Macro), Laser Rangefinder, IR Remote Control, Push-To-Talk (PTT key), Underwater Camera in Oceans (Customized Ph key), side fingerprint & Power key, SOS key, Satellite Messaging, FM Radio, Metal Detector, Camping Flashlight, Laser Projector, Health & Other Measures, Airdopes, magnetic & dock & reverse & Solar & Wind Charge, [No Pin Charging, No 3.5 Audio Jack], [----- (My Wife Name) Mekala], 

#Smart Glasses [----- (My Wife Name) Mekala],

#Multipurpose Shoes (Trekking, Skate, Mud, Snow, Scuba dive) (),

#Ocean Survival Guard (),

#Solar Multipurpose Scuba Dive Tactical Zoomable Creed OLED COB Torch (Head + Wrist) Light (Compass, GPS, Knife, Safety Whistle, IP68 & IP69, SOS, UV-A 395 nm 100W – Violet, Purple, Dark Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, (Fishing, Hunting, Blood, Pet Urine, Pet Stains, Bed Bugs Detector) (),

#Solar Tactical Hand Power Flashlight (),

#26000 mAh Solar Monocrystalline Folding wireless charger Power Bank (),

#Automatic Washing Machine (Lavanya),

#Mixie Grinder (),

#Fat Reduction Machine (Sai Ram Raja),

#Gym Instrument (All in One) (Sai Ram Raja),

#Leg Massager (),

#Shape of Light Ray (),

#Light Converts _____ distance after in to _____ (),

#Shape of Waves (),



***From my MOUT Organization, I can do,

1). In my MOUT Organisation, Every Country Equal Value, Every Religion Equal Value. Never Any Religion insult, trouble to Another Religion.

2). Making real Administration & real Judiciary Co-operation on Earth in every Country, in every Place, Develop Real Relationship like Family Members.

3). Pakistan & China Khabja Places, Revise,

4). All Countries Khabja Places, Revise,

5). Countries Treaty Cross Check, Revise, 

6). Honorable UNO Wings works Cross Check, Revise, 

7). Honorable NATO works Cross Check, Revise, 

8). Honorable World (Country to Country useful) Other Organizations, Committees, Authorizations, Treaties, Associations, Extra, - works Cross Check, Revise, 

9). No GDP Calculation,

10). World Single Currency make, 

11). Rivers flow in Countries, Dams & Abroad Rivers flow Countries to Countries, Dams, World Oceans, World Snow, World Jungle, & Green Plantation, World Desserts & Sand, 

12). Jungle, Plants Population,

13). All Living People in Countries (except - Visiting Visa People, Patients) weekly Single Day (those desired request day) Compulsory Service Does in near Places – Plantation, Plants & Trees Growth, Patients, Roads Cleaning, Educate Roadside People, all over India implements,

14). Earth Climate Return, Protection, Satellite Waste Remove, Earth Space Station, Amphibious Flights, Mobile Phone, Weapons, Hyper Sonic Missiles, UFO MotherShip, UFO, Sun, Moon, Earth, 

15). Respect – Adults, Elders, Animals, Trees, Water, Climate, World & Earth, 

16). Roadside – Orphans, Children, Old Aged, Physically & Mentally Challenged, Transgender, Women, Trees, Animals: Special Care & Protection, [All are Equal Value & Equal Rights], 

17). All Vehicles make works on Road and on Water,

18). World All Road Vehicles Right Hand Drive only (96% People Right Hand Use commonly),

19). World Travel Signs same in All Type Vehicles, with Florescent,

20). World All Rechargeable Electronic Instruments make with Magnetic Charging (Data Transfer) only,

21). Every Country (except Muslim Countries) terrorized with Terrorism Blasting, now it’s turned changed with as Muslims Fights to “Declare Countries as Muslim Countries”, Whose Few People Master Brains involved in this? Who is “Black Sheeps”? How many people? Where living? Whose Country Ruling Leaders Supporting? If not support why Muslims Countries Rulers do not say to those Fighting People “This is not good path, if problems arise come back and live in our Muslim Countries”, in TV Channels, Internet Media, News Papers.

Is there a Rule to Country Convert to Muslim Countries? Even they have Majority People? For making Muslim Countries they wantedly want to grow those Population around the World? Wantedly wants they are doing to convert forcefully into Muslims Total World, in that sense No Right to Live Other Religions? Except Muslim Religion? Then Other Religions What Portfolio. What happened to Rohingya People at Monks Countries & Dictator Adolf Hitler? If “They Does Relocate, Migrates to Muslim Countries”, it’s Simple Step to solve those Problems, rather than to fight for Declaration of Muslim Countries. If Muslim Countries honour these fighting people, then what is - Supporting Countries & Problem Facing Countries & Other Countries Portfolio? What is honorable UNO Portfolio?

22). If Muslims Married to Other Religions, if they Convert to Other Religions? If Not, Why Other Religions People to Convert into Muslims with Marriages? if Children born both Parents looks, they livelihood, those Children Religion belongs to Other Religions (except Muslim), if mischief, betrayal happens, suitable Punishment to mischief, betrayal Parent. I have a question - if every Country honorable Constitution written this Pattern of Convert Muslims with Marriages? If one Country follow this, why should Total All Countries follow? there is No Individuality, Liberty to have in All Countries Honorable Constitutions. What is honorable UNO Portfolio?

In honorable Quran says if Muslims can Does 4 marriages, (Other Religions not says), they happily marry to with 4 Muslim People, they happily married in Muslim Countries, (I request to All Muslim Countries Rulers, kindly adopt your Religious People having more Spouses, call them all around the world, live happily with them), No Problem to Others Religions, but Not in India & in Other Religions Countries; Common Couple Spouse Code applicable to All Religions, No further Population Speed Growth, especially single Religion, if noticed by Indian Government or Indians, in any couple spouse having more Other Religions spouse, it’s indicates as Love Jihad & lust People in India, Punishable.

Inter religion marriages other religions spouse change to Hindu, those children also Hindu declare, (family not exceed 2 children),

23). Why you people producing more people, (for religious growth?), Sending other Countries, as Migration Hostages, Refugees, there is No Family Planning? Why Other Countries should bare You All.

24). Fatwa declaration on Other Religions, Other Religions also have right to declare Fatwa, on who declare Fatwa People, we have Right to Live.

25). All Hindus are Pray as Goddess, God, felt, treated Cows (Cattle) & Buffaloes as Gomatha (Govu Matha), All Muslims kindly Give Respect Hindus Religion, Characters, Feelings, and Not Cut & Eat those, in Hindu, Buddhism, Jainism, Countries.

26). Demolition (except Muslim) Other Religious Idols, Monuments,

27). Every Country Government, Judiciary, Royal Families, Defence, and Others, kindly Permit Hindu People, Convert Others Religious People in to Hindu, if you Not Permit, why you sending Funds in our India Other Religion People to Convert Hindus to Other Religion. Hindus also starts in All Other Countries same thing what you all done, doing in India, hitherto. We have also same right to do what you all done with us.

28). Muslim Religious Male People not giving Equality to Female People, even Not Opened All Masjid Doors to them.

29). Since my childhood I never found Any Muslim never Greet & Take Prasadam of any festival of Hindu & Other Religions. Never Participate. Kindly Give Respect to Other Religions. If not, if Other Religions People also same manner response with You All. Then what happens? Even today onwards - We are all behaves as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The world is one family)”.

Once upon a time Our world faced “Black or White” People Problem, Now facing with “Religious Criminals”, “Religious Mafia”,

Above activities of Muslim Religion leads to “World Religious War”, I knew the Results after, It’s “In Continuous Death”.

30). "Adoption Roadside - Orphans, Children, Old Aged, Physically and Mentally Challenged People & Animals and General people. Actually, it is all Countries Governments responsibility."

31). Male, Female and Transgender are equal. One Rule for All. Everyone equal value. Punishments not in Prisons using those calibres for Society, humanity service, nation, and earth. No one may not mischief India/Any Country from any place on this earth. Previously Mischief people’s property merged into Indian Property those properties in Abroad also. All Fields, Professions are Equal. No Conspiracy, No Secrecy. Everything Open for Everyone. No Rich, No Poor. Everything with Characterized, Accountability, Honesty & Responsibilities.

32). All Countries Honorable Constitutions make by Human, not by God, every honorable Constitution copied by another honorable Constitution and modified for those conveniences. The Original Constitution was “Sri Seetha Rama Rajyam” [End Stage of Constitution(s)], every Constitution should reach this Point, and more ever that our All-Honorable Constitutions make for our Human only, but really, we are not only living specie on our mother planet earth? So, we recognize other species, atmosphere, climate, earth and unwanted asteroids collision and Aliens attack also.

Shall we do work United for our Mother Planet Earth (not for different difference Constitutions)? Shall we become “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The World is as One Family)”. My Projects are not for Pakistan country supporting Terrorism & other not good things. Honorable UNO not giving equal value to all Countries. In my MOUT (Balance work & Equal of honorable UNO, accountability, standing on Own Words, honesty, responsibility, loyalty, obedience, kindness, love, ethics), All Countries are Equal, all Human are equal and equal rights & responsibilities, all Species are equal, all Religions are equal, never insult Other Religions. Love means understanding, adjustment, honesty, responsibility character. Who loves our Planet Earth, those Motherland, Mother (Parents), Grandparents, Life Partner, Children, Pets, Plants and Family members, Please Join Us? I would like to implement/complete my projects. “Necessity is the parents of Invention.”  I love my India; do you love Ur Country? Then we are all work together.



I succeeded with lot of amendments at our honorable Constitution & my 14 PILs (kept in at Honorable Supreme Court pending, I would like to take more PILs also.

My 14 Public Interest Litigation (PIL)s at India Honorable Supreme Court {My Suggest to Indian Constitution Amanda-mentors to change "Public Interest Litigation" word to "Public Interest Seeking Information (PISI)s"} website, go to Grievance Management option, bottom of the web default page, go to Case Study option and enter:

  1. 14043/2018,
  2. 18105/2018,
  3. 18299/2018,
  4. 50507/2018,
  5. 3949/2019, 
  6. 24584/SCI/PIL(E)2019,
  7. 56921/SCI/PIL(E)2019,
  8. 60821/SCI/PIL(E)2019,
  9. 27084/SCI/PIL(E)2020,
  10. 33495/SCI/PIL(E)2020,
  11. 51925/SCI/PIL(E)2020,
  12. 67998/SCI/PIL(E)2020,
  13. 11455/SCI/PIL/2021,
  14. 16466/SCI/PIL/2021;

I request honorable Supreme Court of India, on what issue my PILs generated. I never got details.

From Honorable President Office of India,,

1) RB/MSG/1800259,

2) PRSEC/E/2015/06169, 

3) PRSEC/E/2018/01178,

Honorable Prime Minister Office of India,,

1) PMOPG/E/2015/0029869,

2) PMOPG/E/2018/0028928,

3) PMOPG/E/2020/0117353,



I completed Pradhamik Shiksha Wargha in RSS, myself noticed as “Scientist Anil” & “Flight Designer Anil” throughout RSS.

I suggested Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh (RSS) Sar Sangha Chalak (Supreme Chief RSS) honorable Shri Dr. Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat ji to Run RSS with Individuality, never depend on Other Funds - result Universities Establish Started in RSS.

After Demonetization, I emailed to Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi Sir, with immediate suggestions, unfortunately Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi Sir not observed, that reason affected a lot to India,

***I observed since my Intermediate Education, No one declared Our India as Hindu Country, I stood in election for the post of Honorable President of India 2023, now standing for Honorable Prime Minister of India, to Declare as honorable Hindu Country India & name change as Vende Bharatha Matha,

India (Vande Bharat Matha) needs Veera Putra (Warriors), not Timid, everyone compulsory follow Dharma, Nyaya, Honest, Responsible, Loyalty, Standing on Own Words, Patriotic, Discipline, Principles, Simplicity, Love, Affection, Respect, Humanity, Moral Values, Purity, 

***I applied to Honorable Election Commission of India email: Honorable Shri Rajiv Kumar, Chief Election Commissioner, & Honorable Shri Anup Chandra Pandey, Election Commissioner, & Honorable Shri Election Commission of India Total India Staff, with all Designations, with my email [email protected] to,, [email protected], on 22-6-2022 at 2:32 pm, with Subject: [Honorable All Patriotic, Character Indians, Namaskaram, Sir & Madame, Application cum Affidavit Declaration – for the Post of “Honorable President of India”]; with all attached evidence documents, Request Application cum Self Affidavit Declaration – for the Post of “Honorable President of India”, kindly support me all, for future generations, 

***I requested Co-operation with India All Departments Honorable Chiefs & Staff, elect me for the Post - Honorable President of India {{[Emails Sent on 25-6-2022 at 10:53 am & on 28-6-2022 at 1:31 am] Subject: [Honorable All Patriotic, Character Indians, Namaskaram, Sir & Madame], Matter: Om Ganeshaya namaha, Sri Seetha Rama, 

Honorable All Patriotic, Character Indians, Namaskaram, Sir & Madame,

“Dharma should Walks on 4 Padas on Earth”, God ordered me Go Back, Do Good Works. All of You Welcome in Our MOUT,, (Dhrama, Truth, Scientific Research, Designs), I kept my Projects in, our beloved Mother India should Leads to Total Earth, 

If any Honorable People if I forgot, kindly spread / expansion this email &, to reach every one of Indians, your Sectors, Zones, Colleagues, Subordinates, Other Departments, Friends, Relatives, thanks, 

***I applied to Honorable – President, Vice-President, Prime Minister (PM), Supreme Court Chief Justice (SCCJ), Integrated Defence Staff (IDS)}, Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), [Integrated Headquarters MoD (Navy), Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS)], Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Indian Coast Guard Director General (DG Coast Guard), Border Security Force (BSF), [Department of Space, Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO Chairman, Secretary DOS], Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, [Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) Chief / Director / Secretary], [Central Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) Chief / Director], National Investigation Agency (NIA) Director General, Ministry of Home Affairs Chief, [National Security Advisor, National Security Council (NSC) India Chairman], National Cyber Crime Police (Cyber Cell), Telangana Police Department, 28 States and 8 Territory (Governors, Chief Ministers (CM), High Court Chief Justices (HCCJ)), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sar Sangha Chalak / Supreme Chief, BJP President & India People. 

Email Matter: For this I would like to become Honorable INDIAN PRESIDENT or Honorable INDIAN PRIME MINISTER, Kindly take necessity actions as friendly & relatively, I don’t know the perfect process, 

***I am Not Against to – Any Religion & Honorable India: President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Defence Departments, Home Ministry, Other Departments Chiefs, & All India People,

I would like to become Prime Minister of India in next Election to SAVE Our INDIA with To Declare India as Hindu Country & change name with Vandhe Bharath Matha,

I need ur Help & Cooperation & Funds, please, kindly WhatsApp Video Call me once,

***From myself become as Prime Minister of India, I can do,

{{No Appeal below things to in honorable All India All Courts, Central & State Courts}},

1). Declare India as “Hindu Country”, Except Secular Country.

2). India names change to “Vande Bharatha Matha”.

3). Throughout India All Muslim named Cities Names Changes with Hindu Names.

4). India Become Lord Sri Seetha Rama Rajyam.

5). Total India Educate with Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Sundarakanda, Hanuman Chalisa, Maha Bharatham, Bhagavad Gita, Vishnu Sahasranama, Shiva Sthuti, Extra.

6). Cows (Cattle) & Buffaloes, declares as National Animals along with Other National Animals, Kept in Goshalas with Grass & Medicines.

7). Ban in India – Govu Vadha, Govu (Cow) Meat Eat, {Hindus believes Govu as God, as Mother (if any Human Mother on Earth having not capable to feed milk to her Child, then depends on milk from – Animal Mother [Govu (Cow), Cattle, Buffaloes, Yaks, Reindeers, Goats, Sheep, Donkeys, Horses, Camels] & Another Human Mother)}, Compulsory Halal Meat, Burkha (Hijab) - at Streets, in Parties, in Education Institutions, in Interviews for Social Security, Loudspeakers at Mosques, Dargah, Madarsas, Churches, for Air Pollution, (Who approach People to Convert Religion also).

8). Religion Conversion Control.

9). Ban in India – Anya Matha Pracharam, Coaching, Training.

10). Infiltration Control.

11). Common Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Except Hindu Code for Everyone.

12). Common Civil Personal Laws (Marriage, Divorce, Hierarchy, Properties, Extra), for Everyone like Criminal Law (No Exception for Muslims).

13). Single Law throughout India for All People, No Personal Laws as – Muslim & Lambadi.

14). Ban in India – Muslim Personal Law Board.

15). Ban in India – Waqf Board, No Separate Law for Muslims.

16). Waqf Board Properties Merge in India Central Government.

17). Ban in India – Muslim Much More Wives, Minor Marriages.

18). National Flag at Major Junctions, all over India, Everyone Indian Should Stand, Salute to Our Indian Flag, Sing daily 2 times morning 9 am & 6 pm – Sare jahase accha Hindustan hamara hamara song, Vande Mataram song and National Anthem Jana gana mana song, if Indians Not does, send them in to Jail directly (Non-Bailable), in Jail Compulsory work there, earn money, daily 2 times does - National Flag Salute, sing 3 above songs, if in Jail neglect this punishment with beating, until those accept, follow, Patriotism is most important for everyone,

19). I support “Agnipath” for People work in Defence All Wings, Agnipath always continues, Compulsory everyone should work in, including myself also, No Laziness, No Neglect, No Tolerance, No chance to Escape.

20). Great Grandparents (maternal & paternal), Grandparents (maternal & paternal), Spouse/Couple Parents, Spouse/Couple & Children, with all above their Pets, their Plants live together, take care & respect together, is called a Family; “Doing grand Ceremony after Person Death, before Not to Feed them, what is the use of Ceremony”. No Old Age Homes.

21). All Living People in India (except - Visiting Visa People, Patients) weekly Single Day (those desired request day) Compulsory Service Does in near Places – Plantation, Plants & Trees Growth, Patients, Roads Cleaning, Educate Roadside People, all over India implements.

22). Roadside – Orphans, Children, Old Aged, Physically & Mentally Challenged, Transgender/3rd Gender, Women, Trees, Animals: Special Care & Protection, [All are Equal Value & Equal Rights].

23). Roadside Beggars’ - Spouse/Children/Parents kept into Jail (Non-Bailable).

24). Ban in India – Marriages (Homosexual, Bisexuality, Sologamy, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender/3rd Gender, Animals, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, 3/4th Cyborgs), More Wives at a time (Polygamy), More Husbands at a time (Polyandry).

25). Uniform Education.

26). No – Religion, Caste, Sub Caste, Minority, Reservations, Subsidy, Rebate, Free, No Compulsory Couple Names in Education Institutions (Single Parent / Guardian is enough).

27). Ban in India - Muslim Population irrelevant Growth, it’s harm to World Growth, how can feed produce, Earth is limited, we can’t expansion Earth for this race.

28). Population Control.

29). Our Country Occupied Border Places take Return Back.

30). All Indians Elects Directly Honorable – President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Extra.

31). MP/MLA/MLC are demolished, substitute with IAS, IPS, IFS, extra, & Ministers (Central & States) also.

{{31 A). Ban in India – Lobbying with MPs for election of Honorable – President, Vice President, Prime Minister of India}}.

32). Ban in India – MPs, MLAs, MLCs purchase.

33). Indian Constitution Loopholes does Clear, if Not Accept by Authorized People, punishment with Shoot at Site Order implement, on roadside.

34). Some Salary based Posts Demolished, Revise with New Methods.

35). Special Surveillance on - Movie, TV, Newspaper, Internet Media, Politicians, Businesspeople, these People Compulsory follow some Rules.

36). Self Declaration of Personal Properties (if Not Declared that Property Merged into Central Government), (if Not Declared Outside India Properties Merged into those Countries Government).

37). Everyone Should Stand & Salute to Our Indian Flag, Compulsory Stand & Sing - National Anthem Jana gana mana song & Vande Mataram song, if Not does, send them in to Jail directly (Non-Bailable), in Jail Compulsory work there, earn money, daily 2 times does - National Flag Salute, sing both songs, if in Jail neglect this punishment with beating, until those accept, follow, Patriotism is most important for everyone.

38). All Religious People Should Respect Hindu Religion, especially Hindu Festivals, Take Prasadas, if Not Get Out from India, India needs Honor, Hindus needs Honor.

39). Respect – Hindu Religion, India. Everyone compulsory follow - Dharma, Nyaya, Honest, Responsible, Loyalty, Standing on Own Words, Patriotic, Discipline, Principles, Simplicity, Love, Affection, Respect, Humanity, Moral Values and Purity.

40). India become Pathway Family Country.

41). Compulsory Blood Donation & Compulsory Organ Donation, irrespective of Religion, everyone should do.

42). Ban in India - Namaz on Roads, Public Places, Public Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Trains, Flights, Boats, Ships, Permitted in Homes, Rooms, Masjids, (No inconvenience to Others).

43). Ban in India - No Hajj Pilgrimage Travel Subsidy, None of Any Religious Pilgrimage Travel Subsidy.

44). Revise Devadaya Sakha (Endowment Department), in Secularism Word of Honorable Indian Constitution.

45). All – Temples, Mosques, Dargah, Madarsa, Churches, Gurudwara, (Religious Pray Places) Extra Control by Central Government, with – Administration, Funds Management, Accounts.

46). All - Mosques/Masjid, Church, Gurudwara kept by Devadaya Sakha by Central Government, Special Darshanam fees, Special Pooja fees, Offering fees, like in Temples, (All Religions are Equal, give same Value).

47). In Road Religious Pray Places Remove: Dargah (in Temples also), Mosques, Church, Gurudwara, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain & Parsi Temples, Buildings, Extra.

48). Ban in India – Muslim: Burkha, “We are Separate” Feelings, our Religion Separate, our Female Gender Separate Feelings, Muslim Female Gender People freely move without Burkha with Other & same Religious People, every Muslim Female Gender has Rights to move freely like other Religion People on Earth, no restrictions, they are capable, they are honor people, every one honor Other Religions Festivals, Otherwise Boycott from India instantly, remember that, Muslim Religion also one of the Religion on Earth, not Apex on Earth.

49). Rivers flow in India, Dams & Abroad Rivers to flow Enter India and Indian Rivers flow Outer India, & Abroad Dams.

50). Jungle, Plants Population.

51). Open Courts System, everything Digital, Video Records, (No Burkha).

52). Continuous Major Charge Sheets File Procedure at All Courts, until Courts free.

53). All States & Territories have Individual Honorable High Courts (Not Benches) with Honorable Chief Justices & Honorable Justices.

54). All – Courts, Assembly (Lower & Higher) proceedings live Telecast with Record, to know – which issues raised, negotiate, approach, behavior, character, feelings, (If done mischief, Spot Punishment goes).

55). In Honorable Courts – No Long Time Cases, Special Punishments, & Reduce Over Burden in Police Department, 8 hours Duty, makes more Honest Friendly Police Department.

56). Open Police by Video Records (No Burkha).

57). No VIP Treatment in Jails, All are Equal, Monitored.

58). Open Banks System, everything Digital, Video Record.

59). Bank Loans after 5 Lakhs approval by Central Government Authority only throughout India, irrespective of States.

60). Bank Defaulters Property Merges in Central Government (Supporting – All type Employees & People also) & Change (Honorable RBI) Banks Rules like Online Video Declaration, Special Punishment to Bank Defaulters, those wherever they live on Earth, India never needs Culprits.

61). In Demonetization Special Methods follow throughout India. All Rules for All People.

62). Ban in India – Mischief, Corruption, Bribes, Adulteration, All Mafia, Drugs, Kabja, Extra, Special Punishment goes.

63). All TV & News Papers & Internet Channels (Total every type of Media) Photos & Videos – Displays with (Time, AM/PM, Date, Month, Year), & kept Records.

64). Everywhere Public Toilets.

65). All India All type Contractors Properties Merges in Central Government while mischief in those Works.

66). Only Apartments Structure Maintain, No Individual, for Population.

67). All Junctions throughout India Digital Sign Boards for Amendments Travel Safety Rules.

68). Speed Breakers & Sign Boards - on Bus Stations, Bus Stops, on Roads, at Railways, at Harbors, Ports, and at Airports with Luminous Paints (Fluorescent paint, Phosphorescent paint, and Radio luminescent paint).

69). All – Railway Trains Bogies & Government Buses, converted to Double Decker with Necessity Facilities (Government Buses to Amphibious also), Train Engine both front Cabins has Restrooms, Guard Bogies has Restroom, All Bogies has Doors upside Count down Departure Timer Digital Display Boards.

70). Earth Climate Return, Protection, Satellite Waste Remove, India Space Station, Amphibious Flights, Mobile Phone, Weapons, Hyper Sonic Missiles, UFO MotherShip, UFO, Sun, Moon, Earth.

71). For All States Equal Development, All States Revenue Outflow Control by Central Government only.

72). All States Chief Ministers Defaulters / Loans / Mischiefs settle by in their Term only, otherwise those Properties & Party Properties merged in India Central Government.

73). All States Ruling People have no Authority to give free Lands for living / for Other Activities to People. All Frees also.

74). Open Vote by Video Records (No Burkha).

75). Open Election Campaigns, (No – Sabhalu (Stage Meetings), No Pada Yatra), only has TV, TV Live, News Papers, Internet Campaigns, No Showing put up Politics (Politricks) (No Burkha).

76). Open Elected Posts / Jobs, even Ministers (No Burkha).

77). Without Evidence No Spoke on Others.

78). Kabja, Defaulters Property Merges in Central Government. (No Courts).

79). No GDP Calculation.

80). Respect – Adults, Elders, Animals, Trees, Water, Climate, World & Earth.

81). Printing Pics on Indian Currency, Hindhu Gods, Hindu Goddesses, Govu Matha, Bharat Matha, Moscow Street Dog Laika, Japan Pet Dog Hachiko, Alluri Sitha Rama Raju, Bhagat Singh, Rabindranath Tagore, Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, Madhav Sadashivrao Golwalkar, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Gulzarilal Nanda, Morarji Desai, Choudhary Charan Singh, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sardar Vallabhbhai (Jhaverbhai) Patel (Iron Man of India), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Narendra Damodardas Modi, Ratan Naval Tata, Maharaja Maharana Rana Prathap Singh, Chathrapathi Veer Shivaji Maharaj (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) & Others & Other, (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is not only one Freedom Fighter in India, Why we Elevate him, lot of Others also, We must Respect them),

82). Greater than 2 children, No right to Vote Total Family members lifelong. No right to have Government Privileges Total Family members lifelong.

83). Direct Video Complaint approach All India Citizens to online Central Government website, Complaint Number allots, Action/Help runs.

84). All Hindu Agriculturists & All Hindu Farmers are Starts in India, All Products Sales as Hindu God’s / Goddess’s Prasadams after Naivedyam.

None of any – Muslim Mother & Muslim Sister, never insulted & troubled by anyone, any religion people in India.





I took suggested by honorable NK Mohanty garu - Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs and Head of Office, Mumbai and honorable Vikas Tripathi garu - Controller General of Patents & Designs, Chennai, 

I met honorable Prasad Rao Oggu garu - Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs, (Visitor Pass p10116 on 1-11-2018, 12:45 pm), Chennai,

I met honorable S. Thangapandian garu - Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs, K. Vara Prasad - Asst Controller of Patents & Designs, Habibulla - Asst Register, Senthil - Data Base Administration and Madan (Visitor Pass p11773 on 7-6-2019, 2:40 pm), Chennai. 

#I approached several times with humbly submitted to below honorable persons with emails, letters, phone calls also, but no response,

Namaste, Respected Honorable Elder Sister of India -

*President Pujaniya Shri Murmu garu,

Namaste, Respected Honorable Elder Brothers of India -

*Prime Minister Pujaniya Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi garu,  

*Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Indian Armed Forces Pujaniya Shri General Manoj Mukund Naravane PVSM AVSM SM VSM ADC garu, 

*Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Pujaniya Shri General Manoj Mukund Naravane PVSM AVSM SM VSM ADC garu, 

*Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Pujaniya Shri Admiral R. Hari Kumar garu, 

*Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) Pujaniya Shri Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari PVSM AVSM VM ADC garu, 

*Director General of the Coast Guard Pujaniya Shri Virender Singh Pathania PTM TM garu, 

*Reserve Bank Governor Pujaniya Shri Shaktikanta Das garu, 

*ISRO Chairman Pujaniya Shri Scientist Dr S Somanath garu, 

*Telangana Governor Pujaniya Shri Dr.Tamilisai Soundararajan garu,

*Andhra Pradesh Governor Pujaniya Shri Biswabhusan Harichandan garu, 

*Former President Pujaniya Shri Pranab Mukherjee garu,

*Former President Pujaniya Shri Ram Nath Kovind garu,

*Former Vice-President Pujaniya Shri Venkaiah Naidu garu,

*Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Pujaniya Shri Dipak Misra garu, 

*Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Pujaniya Shri Ranjan Gogoi garu, 

*Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Pujaniya Shri Sharad Arvind Bobde garu,

*Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Pujaniya Shri Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana garu, 

*Former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Indian Armed Forces Pujaniya Shri General Bipin Rawat General KM Cariappa garu, 

*Former Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Pujaniya Shri Admiral Sunil Lanba garu, 

*Former Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) Pujaniya Shri Air Chief Marshal Birender Sing Dhanoa garu, 

*Former Director General of the Coast Guard Pujaniya Shri Rajendra Singh garu, 

*Former ISRO Chairman Pujaniya Shri Dr. K. Sivan garu, 

*Former Reserve Bank Governor Pujaniya Shri Urjit Patel garu, 

*Former Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Governor Pujaniya Shri ESL Nrusimhan garu, 

*RSS Supreme Chief Pujaniya Shri Dr. Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat garu, 

#I approached single time with humbly submitted to below honorable persons with emails, letters, but no response,

Namaste, Respected Honorable Elder Brothers of USA -

*Vermount (Green Mountain) State Governor, USA: Pujaniya Shri Phil Scott garu, 

*Google Presidents: Pujaniya Shri Larry Page garu, Co-founder and current CEO of Google & Sergey Brin garu, Co-founder of Google,

*TATA Group Companies, 


Namaskaram, Myself, I am ordinary people, I had Nobody, had Nothing Left, No Family Members, Never Married, needs Wife to make Our (Us) Family, I don’t need her Property, My Wife is most valuable people to me, I love Children, Her Parents are my Parents, Marriage is Not a Business Proposal to calculate, I don’t like to depend on my parental property, I want to leave this place, I have God’s Love, Dharma, Truth, Nyaya, Ethics, Morals, Loyalty, Obedience, Individual, Discipline, Principles, Accountability, Stand on Own Words, Kindness, Honesty, Responsibility, Love & Affectionate. I need same with her; I am a Scientist. Kindly do Self Video Call to My WhatsApp & Google Duo & Meet & BOTIM +91 8919862342.

My Mother given me 10 paisa or 25 paisa while going to school for my daily expenses, My Maternal Grand Parents feeder me food & I Grew up.

I never forget after love and affection negligence from my father, I left my home, after my Mother Soul said with me “go back, ask father”, I come back in to my father life, Otherwise may not; for 25 paisa save I walked 8 km, one month I ate little food daily 2 times with red mirchi (chilli) powder, I ate food in limit of ₹315 with my Mother Pension, my bicycle tire puncture repair I kept my bicycle at repairer one month for ₹ 1.50 paisa due, I slept several times nights - Khammam Railway station 1st platform Last Bench, Khammam Bus station Benches, on Culvert Wall opposite my father home, Khammam Railway Bridge Pavement with Beggars, Friends [Kaiser (Iftekhar Ahmed) (Bondam), Sampath (Sampu) Homes], Friends and Relatives Homes and have Food. I worked News Paper Boy, Milk Boy, Photographer, I sold Yule Gold & Yule Red Tea Packets & Tins on roads; I studied books standing position below streetlight opposite my maternal grandparents’ home due to No Electricity. Computer learn walked (Mettuguda to Paradise Circle in Hyderabad) 6 km + 6 km, My Father's sister husband Jogu Lingaiah (Singareni Opencast Pump Operator Retired Employee) took my father's gold Kasulaperu ornament & my father’s LIC money, took benefits of innocence of my Father. Father 40 years' Service Salary Disappeared, leaved ₹2,78,000 in 3 Bank Accounts, my father spender total money on me in my life ₹34000, He could not feed my mother & Myself. I serviced my father at his last stage age. I promised my father at his moribund (Death) time about completion of my works. After mischief by some friends, I ate ₹ 10 Tiffin 2 times as food daily for nearly one month. I excused and left them who created these situations.

I am using others - audios, videos, pics, extra in this website, I thanks to them.



Jai Hind, 

Jai Vande Bharat Matha,

Jai Shiva Shri Rama Krushna Bharat,


Yours obediently

Ordinary People, 

Anil kumar Mekala, 

+91 8919862342 (WhatsApp, Google Duo, Meet, JioChat), [email protected],,

Hyderabad, Telangana State, INDIA.